Camp Lowell Cardiology provides Echocardiography and Nuclear Imaging in-house as services to our patients.  These two cardiac imaging modalities are essential to today's best cardiac care.  You will not have to go elsewhere to receive the very best that Tucson has to offer in these 2 essential imaging modalities, and there is value in having your cardiac images interpreted by the same clinician who oversees the rest of your care.

Both our Echocardiography imaging lab, and our Nuclear Stress Testing lab, are accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Agency (see accreditation seals at right), which has the strictest standards of any accreditation agency.

Camp Lowell Cardiology has invested in UltraSPECT®'s Xpress3.Cardiac technology to:

  • Decrease our patients' exposure to radiation
  • Increase patient comfort through reduced scan times
  • Increase diagnostic quality of images through industry-leading processing algorithms

To our knowledge, we are the only cardiac nuclear lab in Tucson that currently offers this state of the art technology to our patients.

The Xpress3.Cardiac is based on UltraSPECT's unique proprietary Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM) technology, the only iterative image reconstruction algorithm on the market implementing resolution recovery and noise control levels that are adaptive to the input data count density.  To learn more, visit UltraSPECT's website.